Antidepressant Treatment Study


The study's aim is to see what parts of the brain are responsible for cognitive function in adults ages 65+ who are also experiencing symptoms of depression, as well as to see the effect of treatment response on cognitive function.

Study design

The study offers antidepressant treatment of depression for 12 weeks under supervision of a licensed clinical Psychiatrist. At the beginning of the 12 weeks, volunteers are asked to come to the Langley Porter location for an initial assessment to go through symptoms of depression and cognitive testing. They then go through an MRI scan and have a blood sample taken.

After that, individuals are prescribed an antidepressant and monitored by the psychiatrist during periodic in person appointments throughout the entirety of the 12-weeks. Appointments will range 15-20 minutes. 

Study coordinators will help track volunteers mood throughout the entirety of their treatment. After their 12 weeks of therapy, the volunteers will then go through all of the same procedures that they had at their initial appointments.

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Participant requirements

  • 65+ years old
  • Currently experiencing symptoms of depression
  • Able to go through an MRI scan
  • Able to have their blood drawn
  • No neurological disorders (Parkinson's, MS, traumatic brain injury, cortical stroke)
  • No history of substance abuse within the last six months


All volunteers will be compensated up to $265 for their participation within the study, as well as receive 12 weeks of no-cost antidepressant treatment.

End date

March 1, 2020

Principal investigators

Contact information

You may contact the study coordinator by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling (415) 476-7046. You may also visit the study's webpage at for more information.